Playing board games in the family

Why it was important to spend time playing board games in the family

Board games are a great idea for a cozy family party. Such leisure activities are not only fun but also a great way of educating and socializing children, giving the whole family many positive emotions. One of mine old friend a children’s social and emotional education specialist and psychiatrist, told me why it was important to spend time playing board games in the family. Family games are a motivational tool, children, playing board games, develop their imagination and memory. They also learn to focus on a specific task and think strategically. Games also develop social skills – the little ones learn how to interact and collaborate, connect with others and take their interests into account.


When the whole game is played by the whole family, the relationship between them is also strengthened and shared memories and family traditions are created. Parental attention is especially important for children. When they feel that their parents have fun and fun to play together, their children’s self-confidence and self-esteem develop, they feel emotionally secure. Children often see their parents tense, busy and in control of their activities, so games are a great way for children to reveal their playful, creative side and show quality attention. Parent involvement in children’s fun games for little ones is one of the most easily understood forms of love. Parents are prepared to eat, warmly dressed and cared for every day, and they seem to have a normal feel for them, while games give them extraordinarily joyful emotions.

Games can reveal what a child likes and what attracts him or her. In some cases, board games can help you choose the type of club or even the profession. Games can also be a motivational tool to get kids involved in household chores, for example, by saying that doing specific chores will allow them to play together. Children can play from morning to evening, but parents have commitments that put their little ones in the frame when playing with their little ones. In order to build a harmonious family relationship, it is important to explain to children why adults cannot spend as much time playing as children. When the desire of children to play is ignored, they feel frustrated, so if you are currently unable to play with the offspring, name a specific time when this will be possible. Then the child will not be disappointed, and you will not feel stressed.

Should parents let their child win?

 When playing games, losing kids often get frustrated. The question is, how do parents behave – let the child win or not, and encourage them to do more? “If a child loses all the time, he may lose his desire to play. On the other hand, the age of the child should be considered: kindergartens do not yet realize that in games, victory is often determined by chance. It is very important for them to win, so parents should help, giving their offspring confidence. Pre-schoolers are beginning to understand the rules, so they can already be embedded in values, explaining that the process, communication, and being together are much more important than winning. If we always allow children to win in games, they can be frustrated if they face life failure. Board games, in this case, benefit from playing in an emotionally secure environment, the family, to help you deal with failure and coping with emerging emotions.

Game Trends: Which Games Are You Largest?

 That to get the most out of board games, it’s important to choose them based on the age of the players: one can try to play board games with rules. It is important for the young player to “bite the rules and bring joy to the game.” Teens are already well suited and quite family-friendly board games. Most often they develop logical thinking and encourage strategic thinking. This is the type of game that is among the most popular or those who want to try something new, so let’s comes up with five different, but very engaging board games:


According to the specialist, this is a board game that has remained at the peak of popularity for many years and is perfectly suitable for the whole family.

This game helps kids jump a few steps of the age and get into the financial world when entering the adult world. The tasks of the game are based on buying, selling and renting real estate. So this game develops strategic thinking and alertness.


Ticket to Ride Europe

Lets you experience the adventure of traveling by train across Europe. It’s a strategy game where it’s important to collect the right number of special cards to occupy the train lines. The longer she is, the more points she gets.  With this game, players can explore major European cities and travel from Edinburgh to Constantinople, from Lisbon to Moscow. Logical thinking is important for this game, which helps us to design train paths. Scrabble develops word spelling and math skills. The main aim of the game is to use the tiles of letters with different number of points to put the crossed words together, thus gaining as many points as possible.



Develops word spelling and math skills. The main aim of the game is to use the tiles of letters with different number of points to put the crossed words together, thus gaining as many points as possible. Scrabble is not only a fun, engaging, but also useful, team-building game that will enrich everyone’s vocabulary and develop grammar skills



Is one of the most popular card games in the world. The goal of the game is to get rid of all the cards first, and to draw the last card in the hand, Uno.  this game develops quick reaction, ability to concentrate and anticipate a few steps ahead.



One of the funniest games for both the fun company and the whole family. To complete the task, players must place the specified body part on the circle shown on the mat. This game evokes a lot of good emotions and develops social skills. The winner is the one who stays on the mat for the longest time.

Playing board games in the family are also  a good idea for a family photo session.  Such a warm and welcoming communication between parents and childrens in the best possible mood can be created at the photoshoot, if even a childs lost one minute in a game at the next moment they would be happy to win. In the short a photo session would be captured a lot of fun face mimics for both parents and kids so contact me for a family photo session right now and we can discuss more about details. I’m EvaGud photography family photographer based in Barking and Dagenham, East London.

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