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The times we spend with our families, especially our children, do not stay forever. Time passes by so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up. Kids, most especially, grow up so fast. So fast that the next thing we know they’re already all grown up and living life on their own. Thankfully, kids photography can capture rare precious moments and help us relive those special times over and over through pictures.
family photography can bring a family closer together because photos are tangible proofs of how important each and every member of your family is. As all of you grow older, you’ll want to look back on and remember the great times you’ve had as a family.
Aside from that, kids can grow up so fast. Before you know it, they’ll be attending uni and living independently on their own. So if you want to immortalize precious moments together, you should definitely consider hiring a kids photographer.

The Importance of Kids Photography

Most people don’t realize the importance of photographs – until it’s too late. There are so many times I am told to put down my camera and enjoy the moment. But the thing is, later, it is these very images that people thank me for – memories that would have otherwise faded away.

As an kids photographer, there have also been so many times when I have met people who regretted not having a portraits of a loved one who recently passed away. Photos are a precious link to your past, and keep memories that would otherwise dim, stay bright and alive.

What is Child Photography?

Of all of these memories, the ones I feel are the most precious are the ones of our children. When we become parents, we are so overwhelmed with the day-to-day activities of raising children that we forget to capture those special moments of their lives. These days will never come back.

Just in the first few years of our children’s lives, there is so much that happens, so many amazing things that show us how our children are developing and growing. That first tooth, that first step, that first word – there are just so many firsts, it takes my breath away!

More and more families now want their children’s special moments preserved for the future. Because of this, a whole new genre of professional photography called child photography (or, children’s photography or even kids photography) has developed.

Why You Should Have Child Portraits?

The most obvious reason why preserving portraits of your children’s wonder years is because of the memories. These are times that will never come back, and over the years, memories begin to blur and fade. When you look at a photos, it triggers those wonderful memories, bringing them back to life once again.

Each child portrait has a story to tell, and your children will thank you one day for those stories.

Memories may be the most important things that kids photographer preserve, but there are other reasons why you need a kids photographer to capture your children’s special moments.

Here are some of them.

  • Photo Shooting Milestones

Milestone photography is now become the rage. But there’s a good reason for it. It helps parents record those wonderous milestones that make childhood so magical. The baby portraits of your newborn baby,  cake smash, the first day of school, the first birthday party (or, for that matter, every birthday party), those special Christmases, graduation day, the first dance – there are just so many milestones that need to be recorded!

  • Links to those Gone By

We tend to take each other for granted. As long as we are alive somewhere, we’re okay. The problem is when a loved one dies, that’s when we realize how much we will miss them.

Photos are a link – possibly one of the only links – to our dearly departed. There are so many times I have heard people lament the fact that they don’t have pictures of their times with loved ones, and that they wish they did. Just so that they could see them one more time.

  • A Sense of History

Kids photographer can create a sense of history too. When you look at your old photographs, you remember where you’ve come from, or those days gone by.

Take it a step further and you see your parents’ or even your grandparents’ childhood photographs. There’s history right there! There are stories you don’t know or don’t remember. There are memories just waiting to be rediscovered!

  • A Sense of Belonging

When you look at your old childhood photographs, you get a sense of belonging. You know where you came from. Many of us don’t actually realise how powerful this sense of belonging can be. How much it can stabilize us. Our roots matter. We know who we are and what our journey has been.

  • Creating a Legacy

When you show your children your childhood photographs, there will be so many stories you can tell them. How you grew up, what you did, where you lived, your achievements, and so much more. You will be passing on your legacy to your children and grandchildren.

And when they realise how special that legacy is, they too will carry on the tradition and create new memories with their children and grandchildren.

  • Reliving the Joy

One of my clients told me about how he would get irritated when his mother would constantly take photographs of them when he and his brother was children. But when his mother passed away and he was going through her things, he found this treasure trove of his old childhood photographs – with her, with his brother, of his milestones – and he broke down in tears.

The tears were of sorrow but also of joy. Those happy memories came flooding back to him and he was forever grateful to his mother for having taken the time to photo shoot those special moments.

Building Self Confidence

Did you know that when you put up pictures of your children on the walls of your home, it builds their self-esteem and self-confidence? It’s actually scientifically proven!

This is another reason why child photography in London is so important. In fact, it is so important that it deserves a complete section of its own!

Another client of mine told me how much her son loved seeing his photographs on the walls of her bedroom. He would go to the wall, pull up a chair, climb it and look at those pictures. My client had created a memory wall – where she has put up pictures of her son from the day he was born. Pictures of him alone, with their dog, with her and her husband, and more pictures of just him!

He would smile and ask her – is that me? Tell me that story – how was I born? What was I doing here? Oscar (their dog) loved me, didn’t he? Was I really that small?

He felt loved and wanted.

In recent decades, psychologists as well as other experts have carried out studies to see the impact of child photography on children.

For example, in 1975, a study was carried out by behavioural scientists, where a group of children in the fourth grade in London, UK, were given polaroid cameras and asked to take pictures of themselves over a period of 5 weeks.

The children were given assigned poses, and were also asked to take pictures in various compositions and expressing different types of emotions. Then, they were asked to make scrapbooks of their personal pictures once a week.

At the end of 5 weeks, the researchers made a stunning discovery. All the children showed a 37% improvement in behaviour patterns that signified self-esteem!

Today, there is a term called photo-therapy, which uses photography in psychological therapy sessions to help people heal.

That’s what putting up pictures of your children in your home can do. They grow stronger and more confident in the belief that they are loved and wanted, and they know where they belong and who they are.

Occasions that Call for Child Photo Sessions

Newborn Photo Session

You have just had a baby and you want to not just share your happiness with the world, but also have mementos of this crazy, wonderful time.

As a kids photographer I take a great deal of joy in creating those perfect pictures for my clients when they are bathed in the wonder of the perfect life they have created. There is no other milestone quite like this one!

Sitter Portraits Session

You baby has grown so fast in the last few months and is now sitting up, ready to begin exploring this huge new world!

If you are looking for a professional photographer for sitter photo shooting in London, then do contact me. It would be an honour for me to help you create that collage of memories of another milestone your baby has reached!

Cake Smash Photo Session

This is a trend that was started in the United States a  years ago, and has become quite popular in the UK. A photo shoot is carried out before a child’s birthday party, and the pictures are then used in the birthday invitations.

This is a really fun photo session where your soon-to-be one-year-old is shot eating cake, hence the name cake smash. It’s messy and a lot of fun!

Other Birthday Photo Session

These are the occasions when you want to call in a kids photographer  to take pictures. You will be busy taking care of the kids, the food and the games, so you can leave photo shooting to professionals like me.

Cake Smash Photo Session

This is a trend that was started in the United States a  years ago, and has become quite popular in the UK. A photo shoot is carried out before a child’s birthday party, and the pictures are then used in the birthday invitations.

This is a really fun session where your soon-to-be one-year-old is shot eating cake, hence the name cake smash. It’s messy and a lot of fun!

Other Birthday Photo Session

These are the occasions when you want to call in a kids photographer to take pictures. You will be busy taking care of the kids, the food and the games, so you can leave photos to professionals like me.

Graduation Photos


The day your child graduates from school or from college is a very special day. They’re all grown up! And I can be there to help you immortalise that occasion!

Art Portrait Photography

You can do children’s photo shoots from almost any occasions; it doesn’t have to be a milestone. It could be any special occasion, such as your baby’s first Christmas, the first day of school, and so on.

In fact, you don’t even need to wait for special occasions to have a children’s photo shoot! All you need to do is get in touch with EvaGud Photography (that’s me!) and you can book an appointment for a photo shoot for kids photographer.

Best Locations for a Children’s Photo shoot

If you actually think about it, the location doesn’t really matter for your kids photographer photo shoot. It could be at my home photo studio in East London, it could be at your home, in your garden, or anywhere else you like.

The more important things that make a photograph stand out is the colours, details and texture of the image. The idea is that the background is created by the details in the background. A wooded forest, a beautiful garden, a city scape, your living room – anything will work.

When you play with light and colours, you get those perfect pictures that you envisioned in the first place.

So, basically, the choice is yours. You can let me know which location you would prefer to have the photo session, and we can take it from there. If you’re not sure about which location to choose, then think about which location your child or children particularly love.

It could be the park, the beach, you garden or even their playroom. Having the photo shoot in a location where you child is comfortable can make a huge difference to making them comfortable.

How to Prepare for a Child Photography Session

Here are some things that we can do together before the scheduled shoot:

  • Entertainment for the Kids

Get your child something to play with during the shoot. If he or she likes to paint, then get his favourite art set, or you can get his favourite toy or stuffed animal. When a child has something familiar to play with, he or she will be more comfortable in front of the camera.

  • Flexibility During the Shoot

We need to be flexible during the photo shoot. Just because we agreed to a particular course of action and setting doesn’t mean that your children will be okay with that.

So, instead of getting flustered and tense, just go with the flow. Working with children is not predictable, and the idea is to let them lead the way so that you can get the best pictures of them.

  • Keep the Child Involved

If your darling boy gets bored, then the shoot is basically done! So, as parents you will need to work with me to keep your child entertained and interested in what is happened.

Think of games that your child likes to play. What I generally do is challenge them – can they jump higher than me? How fast can they run towards my camera? What is their favourite dance move? And so on and so forth!

And if I feel that their interest is waning, then I bring out my secret stash of props to renew interest!

  • Let Them Be!

Let your children be wild during the photo shoot. Let them be themselves. If they want to run, let them. If they want to jump, let them. If they want to roll in the mud, that’s fine too.

We need to ensure safety at all times, which is why it’s teamwork between you, the parents, and me, the photographer. We act as spotters to ensure that no harm comes to them while the go wild.

  • Patience!

When we are doing a photo shoot of kids, the key rule is to be patient. They don’t live according to a schedule, so we should forget about that. My focus is on getting them comfortable so that the shots look natural. That is when the joy of childhood will come to the fore.

I will be taking tons of pictures of your child, simply because they will be moving so much that many (in fact, most) of the images will be blurry. There will only be a few that will be in focus. But those that are will be stunning!

  • Parents Joining In

Child photography sessions shouldn’t solely be about the children. These are memories that you want to make with your child, so you should be in those pictures too.

There is a very important reason for this. When you child grows up and sees his pictures with you looking at him with utter love, that is what will make the photograph important. These will be memories that he will cherish when you are no longer there. He will see your smile, full of love, he will remember what you looked like and he will remember those wonderful times he had with you.

Childhood is very short, and before you know it, you darling little girl or boy is all grown up and ready to leave the nest. This is the time for you to make memories with them. And as a kids photographer I can help you capture those precious moments of childhood that all of you will treasure forever.

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