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I’m full service family photographer in London that will take care of you every step of the way. Each family portrait photo session is customised with a unique location or in my home photo studio in East London,  styling, and vision to truly capture the essence of your family.

My family sessions run almost identically to my children’s portrait session. The main difference is that mom and dad are now involved. That gives you an opportunity to get pictures of the whole crew, plus we’ll definitely sneak in some lovey-dovey pictures of you and your significant other into the mix, as well. Maybe I can even catch some genuine kiddo reactions — we all know how receptive they are to mom and dad kisses!

For my family portrait photography in East London, I like to capture a healthy variety of different kinds of pictures. I set up both poses and capture candids of each child alone, different sibling pairings and pictures of children and parents together. These are really playful family photo sessions that will not only provide you with some wall-worthy portraits, but also with a lifelong memory.

I also want to make sure that I get some amazing family photographs of the parents together. It’s nice to have a picture of just you and your spouse, so it’s important to me that I include several of those portraits in all of my family photography in East London sessions.

Like my children’s portrait sessions, I allow for unlimited outfit changes and even scene changes. I also don’t put a limit on how many people are allowed to enter the picture. I don’t discriminate against large families, no siree! Both parents and all immediate kids are invited to this family photography session party, so let’s rock it out!

My style

My custom Family Portrait Sessions are a unique and personalized. As mother my self,  I know the importance of preserving your family’s most precious moments. I strive to make my photoshoots relaxed, spontaneous, and fun! Children are encouraged to run around, play, and be silly. With an eye for perfect in-between moments and unique perspectives, I create child and family portraits that are beautiful, genuine, and emotional. I use my expertise in artful lighting and editing to bring out the best in your portraits. I love getting to know each of my clients, and creating one-of-a-kind art that you will treasure forever.

Outdoor family photographer in London

Children and family portraits photography may be captured in the comfort of my home photo studio in East London, your home, or various outdoors locations that feature natural settings or the urban cityscape. The vibrant colors and textures of London lanscapes provide a stunning backdrop. Choosing a location that is special to your family is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your images. I have lots of favorite locations, and I’m always happy to help you select the ideal setting for your shoot during your consultation.

Family photography in London (studio)

In my comfortable home photo studio in East London I take great care to create a cozy and intimate setting. I treat babies as if they were my own. All blankets and wraps are washed after each use. With complimentary refreshments, baby changing station, and an iPod docking station for your child’s favorite tunes, I thought of everything to make your family photo session experience truly enjoyable.

Family photography in London (studio)

In my comfortable home photo studio in East London I take great care to create a cozy and intimate setting. I treat babies as if they were my own. All blankets and wraps are washed after each use. With complimentary refreshments, baby changing station, and an iPod docking station for your child’s favorite tunes, I thought of everything to make your family photo session experience truly enjoyable.

Family portrait photography in London


There was a time that getting a family photograph was a special event where everyone dressed up and posed for that special family portrait. We would look for that perfect location somewhere in London, such as the Tower of London, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Kew Gardens or even the backstreets of Notting Hill. Or, we would simply go to my local home photo studio to get those special pictures taken.

Now, however, most of us prefer to use the convenience of taking a family picture on our smartphones rather than making an effort to get a professional photographer in East London to do the job.

Photographs taken on our smartphones are beautiful memories that should be preserved, but there is a special significance of a professionally done family photo session. Here are some key reasons why you should hire the services of a family photographer in East London every so often.

A family photograph is more than just a photo session that is fun. The right kind of photographer, such as EvaGud Photography, will ensure that only the best materials are used to create prints that will last over generations. And these photographs will give your children and their children a sense of family and belonging that nothing else can.

Precious memories of life’s milestones in London

A lot of times, we only realise the value of a family portrait if it is destroyed or someone in that picture passes away. There are so many people who, when looking at old family albums, regret not having more photographs with their loved ones.

When one realises that all that you have left of a time or a person are photographs, then you will want to create as many memories as possible.

Your family wedding photograph. That first family portrait with your new born baby. Or that annual portrait of the entire family at Christmas time. These are memories that are really precious. And getting a professional photographer in London to ensure that those pictures are perfect makes all the difference.

Capturing all generation of the family


While all family photographs are special, there are those that stand out above all others – the photographs where you have all generations of the family present. These photographs are precious beyond words – the grand (and sometimes great-grand) parents, the parents, the children, the grand (and sometimes the great-grand) children, the uncles, aunts and cousins.

When your children look at these pictures, you will have stories to tell them about their heritage. They learn about who they are and where they fit. They understand their place in a family unit; you children understand where they come from.

And this will give your children an even greater sense of belonging – beyond their immediate family.


Creating a tradition


We underestimate the power of photography and a family portrait. Photographers who have been in the business for decades tell of how they took a family photograph at a wedding decades ago, and that same photograph is displayed at the couple’s children’s wedding many years later.

Looking at old family pictures gives you a sense of belonging, which is why it is important to continue the tradition of creating memories in print. With technology changing so fast, we don’t really know how our pictures will be preserved digitally.

For example, with policies changing, we now struggle to find the pictures we posted on Facebook just a few years ago. Our floppy discs were replaced by CDs, which have now been replaced by hard drives. Printed photographs on our walls haven’t changed. These photographs become family heirlooms that generations will treasure.

Benefical for your children

There has been scientific research done to prove that family portraits can help your children. Family photographs put up on the walls of your home where your children can clearly see them gives them a sense of comfort and reassurance. This is because these photographs give our children the message that those in the picture are important, especially when they are in those photographs.

These photographs give your children a sense of permanence as well as a sense of security and certainty, which helps increase their self-esteem. According to psychologists, when children physically touch printed photographs, it stimulates their brains positively.

Added to that, many psychologists suggest placing family photographs in children’s rooms so that the is the last image they see before they go to sleep, and the first when they wake up. This sends them the message that they are loved and that their family cares about them.

Not getting everyone in one portrait


When you don’t have a photographer to take your pictures, there is always someone in the family who will be missing in the picture. When you use a phone to take your picture, there are only so many selfies that you can take. You will never get that perfect family photograph that way.

When you look at your family pictures and find that you are missing many of them, it can hurt. After all, you too are a part of that family. Which is why having a professional photographer to immortalise photographs with everyone in the family present in them makes sense.

Family bonding

 Getting a professional family portrait taken in East London can be the perfect time for the entire family to bond. Our world has become increasingly stressful and most families seldom get time to get together and have some fun.

Getting together for a family portrait is one such occasion. This is a time when there is laughter and tons of fun as family members joke with and tease each other. Sometimes all it takes for the fun to start is the photographer giving you all a few instructions on how to pose. There are many people who don’t realize how much fun getting a family portrait can end up being until they actually go through the experience themselves.

The perfect gift

Finding the right gift to give your loved ones at an age when they have pretty much all the material things they need or want can be really difficult. The one thing that will always remain special is a family photograph, which can be framed and given as the perfect gift to your loved ones.

Capture the changes


Getting family portraits taken regularly helps you document changes over the years. You can capture the growth and development of your family – how children have grown, how you have grown, how members have been added to your circle of love over the years.

When your children or you look at the wall adorning your wall, you will be able to see how the years have changed you and added to your family. That is a feeling that can never be replaced by digital media.

Family portraits makes a house a home


Saving family photographs on digital media is fine, however, framed family portraits adorning the walls of your house is what makes it a home. You may be able to buy all kinds of beautiful wall art, but family portraits are what make your home different. These beautiful pictures are unique only to your home and just cannot be replicated.

The best kind of art that you can feature on the walls of your home are those of your loved ones.

I have limited availability each month and am usually booked 1-2 months in advance.
Spots fill up quickly, so get in touch to secure yours!

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