Exciting times, you’re expecting a baby!

Whether you’ve always fancied a newborn session, or the idea is completely new to you, I have got your back!

Since every photographer has a slightly different approach when it comes to photographing babies, there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right person for your newborn session.

So to make it a little easier for you… walk with me through one of my sessions


I usually photograph babies between 5 and 14 days of age, as they are a little easier to settle and naturally able to adapt to those beautiful (and cute) poses we all love. 

If you have missed this window and landed on this page when your baby is older than 14 days… don’t worry! 

We can still photograph him or her in a more tailored session, with selected poses and more images with your baby swaddled/wrapped.


Once you arrive to the studio, we’ll make sure you have plenty of time to relax, feed the baby and help them fall asleep.

We’ll also give the baby a little time to get used to my touch before I start shooting, so they are also fully relaxed before the session begins.  

When it’s time to start shooting, you’ll see me using what’s called a beanbag first, then move onto containers and props.

However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule though, I will take my cue from your baby and pose according to how comfortable and settled they are.

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When it comes to newborn babies there are so many details you want to capture (they change so quickly) then my sessions really focus on the baby and how small and delicate they are.

For this reason, I don’t use outfits, but I complement some shots with the use of headbands, bonnets and sleepy hats.


Even though we don’t use outfits, you will notice that one of the first thing we do before even starting the session is to wrap the baby. 

This is a useful tool to help calm and settle them, as it makes them feel safe and secure, and this helps the posing and photographing. Wrapped babies also look so cute and cosy!

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“But what if my baby cries?” – you might be thinking.

This is absolutely normal and reading your baby, understanding why they are crying, is part of my job!

Babies communicate through crying, they might cry because they are wet, hungry or just want to be cuddled.

This is one of the reasons why newborn sessions take longer than other studio photography sessions: we allow plenty of time for feeding and comforting, and we’ll never try to rush the baby into something he (or she) is not ready for.

This is what, in technical terms, we call a “baby led session”.


We all feel self-conscious at times when it comes to being photographed.

But parents and sibling shots are all about capturing the love and bond between you… no forced smiles or uncomfortable poses!

Why should you even consider having parents images taken? 

Imagine your baby, years from now, looking at those photographs and feeling all the love they were surrounded with!

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