Traditionally when a new baby is born, they are the one who receives the gifts and cards, but some people do like to treat Mum too.

After all, she is the one who rented out space in her body for 9 months, went through labour, or a c-section (or both!) and is now looking at least a few months (if she’s lucky) of disturbed sleep.

While we don’t want to forget Dad entirely, let’s be honest, up to this point, Mum has done most of the hard work – so we think that she deserves a treat.

Now the hard part, deciding what to give her!

To make things a little easier, we’ve created three lists, to suit varying budgets – all designed to put a big smile on the face of the proud new Mummy.


Cheaper (or free) items mean just as much to the recipient when chosen with care. Mum will be just as happy to receive these as higher-priced items – trust us! We’ve been a new mum and we’d have been thrilled with these ideas.

Voucher for cleaning/cooking/babysitting duties

Being a new parent is exhausting. It’s also amazing, brilliant and the best thing most people have ever done.

But still exhausting!

If you want to give a gift of something as thoughtful as it is meaningful, why not create some handmade vouchers for various chores.

These could be for hoovering, washing up, preparing a meal, going to the shop for the new mum, or even watching the baby for an hour or two, while they have a bath/shower and a nap.

Or thinking ahead, a voucher entitling the new mama to an evening off, when she’s ready, with you offering your babysitting services.

Gentle on your purse strings as they cost nothing but your time.

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Pampering doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag – you can pick up a couple of face masks, some nice, scented bath oil, a candle, a couple of fancy tea bags and some biscuits for a song, and Mum will really appreciate the effort you put in.

Travel mug

Travel mugs are an ideal gift for a new Mum, and if you’ve been one, you’ll understand why –

How many cups of tea or coffee are made, as a new mum and never finished before they go cold?


A travel mug with an internal thermos is such a great buy as they will keep their beverage hot for much longer, meaning they might even be able to actually finish a cup!

Surely that’s priceless?


If you have a bit more money to play with and think the new mum deserves it, there are some fab ideas for medium-ranged gifts.

Meal kit

In those first few weeks, new parents are getting used to the sleepless nights and having a whole new person that depends on them.

Cooking meals and shopping for them may fall by the wayside. There is a plethora of meal kits available now for all different palettes – you can purchase most as a one off, to be delivered to the new Mum, which has all the ingredients and a recipe card for 3 or 4 simples to cook meals.

Of course, these still need cooking, which brings us nicely to our next item:

A takeaway of their choice

The last thing many feel like doing is cooking in the evenings when they have a new baby – treat them to a takeaway of their choice, funded by you. They will love you forever!

A beauty treatment

Perhaps a pedicure or manicure, facial, massage – something fabulous to help them feel a bit more ‘human’ again. There is also a growing amount of mobile Beauty Therapists now too, so a home visit can be booked, and you can offer your amazing babysitting services while Mum gets pampered.


If you have a bit more cash to splash, the deserving new Mum could find herself the recipient of one of our more expensive choices.

[H3] Newborn Photography Session

Capturing images of those precious first few weeks, when the baby is super tiny is so important.

They grow so quickly, so to brand new parents, it can feel like they have missed out on the teeny tiny stage.

They are often so tired and overwhelmed with getting to grips with parenting that they seem to blink, and the new arrival is already crawling!

A newborn photography session will not only preserve those early memories for them, it’s also a lovely, relaxing experience, where they can rest while the photographer works their magic.

Although a newborn photography experience is an investment for those wanting to spend a bit more – vouchers towards sessions could be the answer for small and medium budgets – just make sure you have a discussion first, to make sure it’s something they are happy to invest in too.

Spa Day

Taking the pampering to another level, lots of hotels offer really good value spa days, where you can enjoy a meal, several beauty treatments, and a dip in the pool – any new Mum will be over the moon with the promise of one of these. And of course, you could get to enjoy it with her too.

Other ideas would be an evening out at a restaurant of their choice, tickets to a show, an afternoon tea – just make sure you offer babysitting duties if it’s a treat that isn’t for baby too.

Looking for gift ideas for new mums? We’ve got you covered! From small budget items to Newborn Photography Sessions, this article helps you choose the best gift for your budget.

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