How has it been nearly a whole year since you welcomed your baby to the world?

The past year has been full of firsts!

  • First smile
  • First tooth
  • First words
  • First time sitting up
  • First steps

And now as you approach a HUGE milestone first – their VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY, you perhaps want to celebrate it in style.

For some this can mean HUGE celebrations – others may keep it small and cosy – either way,  I am sure you will want it to be an occasion you can look back on fondly for years to come.

5) First birthday ideas: Hire a venue and caterer

If you have a big family and a large amount of friends, it might be a good idea to hire somewhere.  This saves you opening your home to too many people, and everyone can spread out too, which will prevent your baby from becoming too overwhelmed by all the attention.

Lots of pubs have function rooms available at a reasonable price and offer catering too.

Or a church hall can be a fab venue to save you cramming people to the rafters in your own home.

If there are a lot of children to be invited,  you could hire a bouncy castle, a caterer and really make an occasion of it.  Your little one can open their presents,  and you can arrange group games, like sleeping lions, pass the parcel and musical bumps.

4) Party at home

For smaller families and close knit l friendship groups, an intimate first birthday party at home is ideal.

You can tailor it to your tastes and decorate it how you please.

Perhaps you’ll get beautiful banners and balloons, or be a little more low-key.

Stick some nursery rhymes on and get the little ones dancing.

A small tea party with sandwiches and cakes, delicate finger food that your baby will enjoy too.

3) Birthday photoshoot

What better way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday than a beautiful photo session to capture this incredible milestone?

After all, such a special event deserves more than just a few quick “phone snaps” and getting a professional photographer involved means you can also get beautiful artwork ready for your home.

first birthday ideas

2) First birthday ideas: Soft play

Soft play centres are everywhere!

And babies love them – generally these have a separate area for the small ones too, so they can be allowed to crawl, or toddle about and wear themselves out – they can have fun and you can invite ahead of time some of their little friends, and it’s ideal for parents bringing older children along too.

You might even get a coffee and chat for ten minutes!

They will also wear themselves out here,  so once you’ve popped them to bed YOU can celebrate surviving the first year with a well earned glass of wine.

1) First birthday ideas: Birthday picnic

Picnics are a fantastic way to celebrate!

If it’s warm weather as your baby turns one, you can go to a local park or beach.

Take balls, games, blankets and picnic food , and get yourselves settled for a fun day in the sun.

For winter babies,  an indoor picnic still works!

Set out blankets on the living room floor and use your imagination to make it special.

Whatever you decide to do,  take plenty of pictures for your baby’s photo album and memory book and above all, enjoy yourselves! 


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