Every pregnancy is different – different symptoms, different side effects, different cravings – and a product that works wonders for one woman, might not work for another.

But thankfully there’s also a wealth of products out there for each trimester to suit every mum-to-be and help make your pregnancy more comfortable.

Your side effects will change over the course of your pregnancy. In the first trimester, you might feel extra tired and nauseous. Then, by the time you get to your third trimester, you may suffer with heartburn and back aches as your baby grows.

Of course, the five most important things during your pregnancy are:

  1. Rest – your body is working super-hard to grow your little one, so it’s important that you give it plenty of time to recover each day.
  2. Support from friends and family – the thought of bringing a child into this world can be extremely daunting, but when you’ve got a strong support network, it doesn’t seem so scary.
  3. Folic acid and vitamins – your doctor or midwife can advise what supplements you should be taking.
  4. Gentle movement – keeping active is important for yours and your baby’s health.
  5. Healthy snacks – your body needs all the help it can get to grow a healthy baby, so you need to keep up your energy levels with healthy snacks.

If you can incorporate these into your lifestyle, you’ll be well on your way to a healthy and happy pregnancy.

It’s important to keep your hair and skin hydrated during pregnancy, but when choosing beauty products, double-check that they’re safe for you to use, as some may be unsuitable for pregnant women.

Here are 5 pregnancy must have products to help see you through your pregnancy…


It’s a well-known fact that ginger can work wonders to help reduce the dreaded feeling of nausea that you might get in the early stages of your pregnancy.

Ginger is full of antioxidants and has a number of health benefits. As well as helping reduce symptoms of nausea, it can also boost immunity, reduce cholesterol and aid digestion.

As with everything, it’s important to have ginger in moderation – but even just a ginger biscuit or a cup of ginger tea can really help if you’re suffering with nausea and morning sickness.

 PREGNANCY MUST HAVES: #2 Waistband extender

It’s no secret that maternity clothes are expensive, so it’s good to try and get as much wear as possible out of your normal clothes. That’s where a waistband extender can come in handy, especially during the first trimester. It means you can carry on wearing your favourite jeans but without feeling like they’re cutting into you and causing discomfort.

Let’s face it, you have enough to deal with during pregnancy without feeling uncomfortable due to ill-fitting clothes. So, treat yourself to a waistband extender. Then, when your bump gets bigger, invest in a good pair of maternity jeans. Your body will thank you for it!

#3 Stretch mark cream

Our list of pregnancy must haves continues with a beauty essential item: stretch mark cream.

There are plenty of lovely creams, oils and body butters to choose from that are tailored to help reduce visible stretch marks as your bump grows. Our favourites include Palmers Tummy Butter and Bio-Oil.

Take 5 or 10 minutes each night to massage your bump before bedtime. Or even better – get your partner to do it for you! Not only will you be helping to reduce the appearance of those pesky stretch marks, it’s also a great opportunity to unwind at the end of the day. Maybe see if your partner can throw in a foot rub at the same time?!

pregnancy must have

PREGNANCY MUST HAVES: #4 Pregnancy pillow

Getting a good night’s sleep when you’re pregnant can be a challenge, especially in the latter stages. We can’t help you with the constant trips to the loo or those reoccurring anxiety dreams about leaving your baby on the bus, but if you’re having trouble finding a comfortable position in bed, try a pregnancy pillow.

It’s designed to intertwine with your body to support your bump, hips and back and reduce aches and pains when you’re trying to get to sleep. There are different sizes and shapes of pregnancy pillow, and they vary in price, so do your research and find the pillow that’s right for you.

PREGNANCY MUST HAVES: #5 Heartburn remedies

Heartburn, also known as acid reflux, is common during pregnancy. It tends to be a burning sensation in the throat and chest as the contents of the stomach rise into the esophagus and is often caused by your growing baby pressing against your stomach, as well as a change in hormones.

You can experience heartburn at any time during your pregnancy, but symptoms are most common after about 27 weeks. It’s a good idea to avoid eating spicy or citrusy foods, but sometimes it doesn’t matter what you eat or drink, which is why heartburn remedies (also known as antacids) can help.

Always speak to your pharmacist or midwife before taking any heartburn remedies, but most are safe to take while pregnant.

It was super-hard to whittle down our must-have items during pregnancy, especially as your symptoms and side effects can change. But hopefully these items help you throughout your pregnancy journey.


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